Frequently Asked Questions



How long does each makeup application take?

Each makeup application is unique. I take pride in collaborating with my clients to get the look they are dreaming of. A typical makeup appliation takes roughly between 45-60 minutes. Of course this can vary, depending on application requirements.  

Do you travel?

Absolutely! Near or far, I love to travel! 

For travel outside of the Victoria area**, are subject to a $65/hr round trip travel fee, plus expenses. i.e. any required accommodation, ferries, flights, etc.

**The Victoria area consists of Victoria, Saanich (East, West and Central) and the Westshore. 

Destination wedding packages are available upon request.

Do I do hair or makeup first?

There is no rule as to which should be done first. Both the stylists and myself want to make this day as stress free and smooth as possible. Typically the most efficient use of time is, while one person is getting hair done, another is getting makeup done. Then we switch.

If you’re having your hair set in curls, often I’ll do your makeup while it sets, and the stylist will finish your hair after makeup. If your photographer is coming to get some shots of you and your loved ones getting ready, your makeup will be done while you’re hair is being finished. It’s a nice bonus for your behind the scenes photos.

Do you do airbrushed makeup?

My prices are for a traditional makeup application (not airbrush). Although I am trained, and have done airbrushing, I have found in my years of working with different products & techniques, I can get the same comfort, coverage and appearance using brushes. 

Everything I use is long wear, sweat and waterproof, unless otherwise requested by my client.  I'd be happy to discuss this in more detail if you have further questions. 

I’m not ready to secure the date, will you hold it for me?

Clients are booked on a first come, first serve basis. I typically have several inquiries for a particular day, and often book more than one client per day. Once a time is retained, it’s gone. 

To secure my services, I require a signed contract, as well as a nonrefundable retainer of 50% of your total required services.  

Dates fill up quickly. It's not uncommon for artists and vendors to be booked at year, or more, in advance.


Do I need a Bridal consultation?

A Bridal consultation is usually the first time we will meet each other. I prefer it to be a relaxed atmosphere, where we can chat about the looks and styles you’ve chosen. 

We will have up to 2 hours together in my private studio. We collaborate to achieve the desired look and feel you're wanting for the day. I will be considering your eye and face shape, skin condition and products that will work best.

With perfect look chosen, we will give it a full test run. I will apply a full face of makeup and we will discuss any changes in colour or shape, as well as lashes and lips. 

Once we’ve achieved your desired look, I will make notes and take photos to reference and ensure the perfect look is recreated on your wedding day.  

I often tell my clients to watch a tear-jerker and see how it wears.  This will help us both know if any changes need to be made to help your makeup remain perfect for your entire day. 

Should you choose to not have a consultation, all these things still have to happen, only on a much tighter time frame. This is a day where added stress is not ideal and there is no room for testing/trying, or time for change. 

 The trial ensures that we've perfected the look and ironed out the details of  in advance.This is crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly for your special surprises.   


I’m not a bride, do I need a consultation?

A consultation can be for anyone! I’m happy to do them!

In my experience, some are hesitant to have their makeup done. This has been for a variety of reasons. If you’re unsure, I’m happy to do a consultation to help you have a wonderful experience and make you feel polished and ready for your event.