Hi, I'm Trish!

Welcome to my website. I know having a stranger come to you and work in your personal space can be intimidating. So here's a little bit about me...

I recently got married and I have three very active teens. When I'm not freelancing, you'll often find me in taxi mode. I'm usually laughing, singing and dancing in the car with my kids. It's a great time to create memories while traveling from function to function.

I am a fourth generation born and raised Victorian. I enjoy walking around town, hiking the trails and taking in my surroundings. Victoria is a phenomenal place and will always be home, but boy I love to travel! Among other places, I recently had an amazing opportunity to travel to Paris to help my son pursue his dreams and I loved it! I'll be returning for sure. 

Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy, but in my teenage years, I discovered makeup. I started collecting makeup and although I was overwhelmed not knowing what it was all for, I was still inspired to learn.

I worked in sales for years and decided to redirect my focus to my passion. Application, inspiration and education, rather than just selling. I decided to enroll to the world renowned makeup artistry school Blanche Macdonald Center and graduated with honours.

Since then, I have worked with several elite brands, including most recently, MAC Cosmetics for the last 6 years. As well as being an educator at MAC Cosmetics, I have also instructed at a local college in Victoria for makeup students. 

Working with people directly has always been something I love and why I enjoy what I do.

I have had many women begin their session with me timid and perhaps self conscious, and leave feeling like a stronger, polished, beautiful, sexy and more confident self.  It is my goal to empower you and help you see the beauty I see.